Saturday September 7th 2019


4th Annual Sugar Hill Music Festival Sugar Hill Luminaries Lawn

Edgecombe Avenue and 155th St. Harlem, NY

Sugar Hill Quartet with Special Guest
Firey String Sistas! | Soul Understatedfeaturing Mavis Swan Poole
Sheila Anderson of WBGO, Emcee

Saturday September 7th 2019


An Interview and Book Signing with

Author Lashawn Harris | Novella Ford

Sex Workers, Psychics, and Number Runners:

Black Women In New York’s Underground Economy 

Harris is an expert on the legendary Madam Stephanie 

St. Clair, numbers banker and activist

Saturday October 13th 2019


Dessert with Donald Bogle Interview with Craigh Barboza

and Book Signing

Grinnell Community Room 800 Riverside Drive | New York, NY

$40 Includes a Signed Book and  Unlimited Desserts

Hollywood Black 

With a foreword by John Singleton

"No one knows more (or has written more extensively) about the history of African-Americans' contributions to cinema than Donald Bogle."    Leonard Maitlin 

Donald Bogle is the foremost scholar of African American cinema, whose groundbreaking publication Toms, Coons, Mulattos, Mammies, and Bucks, is the gold standard for Black film history.

Tuesday October 22nd 2019


In the Face of What We Remember: Oral Histories of 409 and 555 Edgecombe Avenue

The definitive narrative of two of Harlem’s most noted addresses

Produced by While We Are Still Here, Jamal Joseph, and Michael Tyner

Directed by Karen D. Taylor

Aaron Davis Hall, Theatre B, Convent Avenue and 135th Street, Harlem, NY